Francis of Delirium

Hey! Thanks for checking out our website. We’re Francis of Delirium, an indie rock band synthesizing folk music with grunge and we just released our first single on January 16th. Looking for an incredible T-Shirt? head over to Shop. Looking for the best time ever? Go see us live, you will not regret your choice *guaranteed (no refunds).

As people in the band, we’re looking for meaning and figuring our how to provide that to ourselves and the people that listen to what we make. Navigating the world and trying to figure out how we fit together and what our individual role is can be confusing, particularly to me, Jana. Hello. I’m Jana and I write the lyrics and most of the music (Chris helps with arrangement and feedback and came up with the chords for Broken). I tend to write songs that explore that idea, trying to understand what it means to have purpose and be connected to other people in hopes that listeners find that to be reflective of their own life.