Tour Dates

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April 20 Francis of Delirium FZW, Dortmund
August 1 Francis of Delirium  Andy ist auf einem Tennisturnier festival

Past Shows

Jan 30       Common Holly + Francis of Delirium   Trier, Germany
Dec 6      FEET + Francis of Delirium        Luxembourg
Oct 17       Rock De Rack                 Rockhal, Luxembourg
Oct 4        Pile + Francis of Delirium   Rotondes, Luxembourg
Sept 31     Angela Aux + Bartleby Delicate, Francis of Delirium, C'est Karma, Hanna Ida  Hollenfels, Luxembourg
Sept 27      The Exploding Boy + Francis of Delirium Saarbrucken, Germany
Aug 31       Last Summer Dance Festival      Luxembourg
Aug 17       Kolla Festival                  Luxembourg
July 13      Screaming Fields Festival       Rockhal, Luxembourg
June 29      Czech Point Cafe                Luxembourg