Francis of Delirium

We just released “Equality Song” which I worked with the Ministry of Equality in Luxembourg to produce. All proceeds will go to Femmes en Detresse a charity in Luxembourg. Listen here exclusively on Bandcamp:

August 31

Inconsistent, daily

End of the month, it’s over

Whatever this was

August 30

This is happening

With dim lighting and chest pains

Just question the sign

August 29

Baked eggs and red ham

How do we move forward now?

Get release drums done

August 28

Freeze dried and exiled

Buy the light that’s in the cage

Just around the bend

August 27

Continuous form

Linear distrust on sight

I am on your side

August 26

An Earl Grey skyline

Filled with about ten thousand pigeons

Headed for water

August 25

Find, make, get update

Post, archive, make, make, send, post

Edit, respond, meet

August 24

So I will not think

I will not think about it

I will never think

August 23

Two birds on one wire

Playing king of the castle

When it starts to rain

August 22

The clouds were layered

With strength and delicacy

With breath and light

August 21

Chicken in the soup

With legs and big shoes and poise

Sleeping with a mask

August 20

Just delete it all

Every single word two times

Or never read it

August 19

Pollock Pollock Lee

De Kooning Kooning Elaine

Du Bois Bois Shirley

August 18

That movie was bad

I might have yelled at the screen

It got an Oscar?

August 17

The kids in the field

They clap their hands, clap their hands

Aliens arrive

August 16

None of it seems real

None of it seems real I say

None of it seems real

August 15

I dove in, head first

Into the depths of the lake

Looking for real truth

August 14

Listening to Phil

Paying attention to earth

Getting paint on hands

August 13

Today I cut my nails

I turned on the tap water

And I watched them go

August 12

I lose my capo

Under my bed everyday

Reminder: check there

August 11

Starting a new show

And thinking of nothing else

Watching it all day

August 10

When I step outside

A baby cries, everytime

I wish I knew why

August 9

Don’t turn around sir

Ten aliens are right there

Quietly brushing their teeth

August 8

At the age of ten

I saw Elvis on a bench

Playing cards alone

August 7

Packing up your bags

Cramped into the car’s backseat

Listening to John

August 6

That weird child snatcher

From Chiddy Chiddy Bang Bang

Still gives me nightmares

August 5

Technicolour dream

One goat driving a smart car

The evolution

August 4

I think I could fly

You know, if I really tried

For a few seconds

August 3

Living in the woods

Visiting the pond and fish

Feeling quite alright

August 2

All in a neat row

Contemplating their own death

The toys, from Toy Story

August 1

For fun, I’ll do it

Each day of the month August

I’ll write a Haiku